Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering the Community

At KEC, empowerment is not confined to our own people, systems and strengths. Our vision of empowerment is aligned to our CSR vision, which is focused on holistic empowerment of the community at large. Our business transformation philosophy, which is continuously evolving with the changing societal needs and aspirations, is inspired to deliver empowered progress through powering performance that extends beyond our business horizons. That is why we are continuously empowering ourselves to empower thousands of people whose lives we touch in many different ways, every day.

Our CSR Vision

"To drive ‘holistic empowerment’ of the community, through implementation of sustainable initiatives which will have maximum societal impact by identifying the critical needs and gaps."


The first words a child learns to speak and read define his/her performance and progress through life. Cognizant of this fact, we have consciously committed ourselves to support RPG Group’s ‘PehleyAkshar programme’, aimed at empowering children with quality education. The programme seeks to enhance the English spoken and reading skills of children, thereby giving them equal opportunities for a better life. In FY16, the Company carried out programme initiatives in Nagpur and Jaipur, educating around 1800 children.

Children being trained under  Pehley Akshar Initiative at Nagpur
Children being trained under Pehley Akshar Initiative at Nagpur
Developing employment skills

Powering the employability skills of the local communities is a key empowerment initiative of our CSR programme. Through RPG Group’s ‘Saksham’ programme, which has adopted Government-run technical schools in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, we are providing youth with soft skills training, along with hobby classes and finishing schools, as well 5S housekeeping system, science and energy classes. Our efforts towards enhancing their knowledge, skills and attitude have benefited around 465 students, with plans to expand the ambit of the programme to reach out to more youth.

 Training Session for SHG Women Training on Practical Appliocation of 5%27s housekeeping  System Imparted to Students
Training Session for SHG Women Training on Practical Appliocation of 5S housekeeping System Imparted to Students

KEC adopted ITI Ashti, located in Wardha District of Maharashtra, with an objective of facilitating upgradation of technical infrastructure and building higher capacity under the PPP Model.

The Institute organises on-the-job training, industry visits, soft skills training, English classes, workshops and additional technical training to enhance the proficiency and skills of students. Facilities such as E-classroom, Wireman Lab, Learning Resource Utilisation Centre and Computer Aided Training Lab are available for the students at the Institute. In order to nurture them further, the students are also provided with sports’ facilities. A total of 662 students completed this training. KEC has also been facilitating the sharing of best practices among ITIs in the Vidarbha region.


Nurturing the environment

Empowerment, in order to be holistic, has to be all-encompassing, aimed at creating a positive impact on all facets of life. Environment being a key aspect of development and progress, we are strongly focused on nurturing it through a series of initiatives. During the year, we undertook a tree plantation drive at the Silvassa unit on the occasion of World Environment Day, while a Green Walkathon was organised at Vadodara to spread awareness among the community on the need for green plantation. We also planned celebrations to mark the Energy Conservation Day at plant units, conducting awareness sessions and providing employees with valuable suggestions and tips on reducing power consumption..

T - Solar Lights An initiative towards Green energy emission at project sites   - Solar Lights
Solar Lights An initiative towards Green energy emission at project sites - Solar Lights


Empowering women

Project Saksham is focused on empowering women through Entrepreneurship Development Training programme, aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship among them. As part of the programme, alternate livelihood opportunities are provided to women. During the year under review, more than 250 women were trained to start their own business and thus supplement their household incomes.

Women Empopwerment through Entrepreneurship Development under Project Saksham
Women Empopwerment through Entrepreneurship Development under Project Saksham
Progressing with health & welfare initiatives

Healthcare awareness and facilities are close to our heart as an impactful CSR initiative designed for the welfare of the communities around our plants. During the year, our flagship project ’Netranjali’ benefited 4,219 people – across age groups – through eye care interventions. The campaign was powered through a massive campaign of mobilisation, sensitisation and awareness, conducted through public awareness announcements, personal visits and distribution of pamphlets, reaching out to 50,628 beneficiaries.

We also empowered urban students in the cities of Jaipur, Jabalpur and Nagpur during the year through Project Jeevan, which encompasses at healthcare interventions for school children. Safe drinking water was provided through installation of 8 Water Huts at Government Schools in Jaipur and Butibori. In addition we constructed around 70 community toilets and 4 School Toilets which benefitted around 12000 people.

‘World No Tobacco Day’ was celebrated at Silvassa and Vadodara units. Various activities were organised on the occasion with the aim of sensitizing the community and employees about the ill-effects of tobacco through documentaries and lectures. World Aids Day was also celebrated at the plants to spread awareness among the employees and show support for people living with HIV.

Eye Camps under Project Netranjali
Eye Camps under Project Netranjali