1. What should I do if my share certificate(s) is/ are lost /stolen?

Please intimate the RTA of the Company immediately regarding loss of share certificate(s), giving details of folio number(s), certificate number(s) and distinctive numbers, to the extent available.

Further, please also lodge a FIR/Intimation with the local Police Station of your area and send to the RTA an acknowledged copy of the FIR/Intimation.


2. What action will RTA take thereafter?

The RTA will immediately mark 'stop transfer' on the folio to prevent any further transfer of shares covered by the lost share certificate(s).


3. What is the procedure for issue of duplicate share certificate?

Shareholder will have to send a duly signed request letter along with the Indemnity Bond, Affidavit and copy of FIR. RTA on verification of documents will issue a duplicate share certificate to the shareholder.


4. What should I do in case I find the original share certificate(s) reported as lost/ misplaced?

In terms of the indemnity executed and furnished by you, please return the original share certificate(s) to the RTA for cancellation. Further, as the shareholder has been issued duplicate share certificate(s), he/she would be liable to indemnify third party (ies) purchasing the original share certificate(s), directly/indirectly, with or without the knowledge of the original shareholder.


5. What is the procedure for replacement of share certificate(s) in lieu of torn, defaced or mutilated share certificate(s)?

Please submit your application in writing to the RTA, duly signed by all the shareholders in case the shares are held in joint names), requesting for replacement of share certificate(s), enclosing therein the torn, defaced or mutilated share certificate(s).