1. Why the Company is sending the Annual Reports to the shareholders through e-mail?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs as part of green initiative has permitted the companies to send Annual Reports, and all other communication to the shareholders through e-mail. The Company last year has participated in this initiative and sent annual reports to some of the shareholders by email.


2. What is the procedure for registration/ change of e-mail id for receipt of documents through e-mail with the Company?

The shareholder who wishes to receive the documents through e-mail can download the 'E-mail Registration Form' available under the tab "Investors" and submit the same to the Company or RTA.


3. Upon registration of e-mail id can a shareholder still receive the hard copy of the documents?

The shareholder(s) who has/have already registered his/her their e-mail id with the Company, however now wishes to receive the hard copy of Annual report/communication can send a duly signed request letter to that effect to the Company or RTA.


For any other query or information shareholders are requested to contact http://www.kecrpg.com/investorcontact .