1. How can I avail the nomination facility?

Shareholder(s) can avail the nomination facility by sending a duly filled in the prescribed Form 2B (available under the tab "Investors") to the RTA. The Form 2B shall be signed by the shareholder or all the joint holders (in case the shares are held in joint names). The RTA, after verifying the signatures of shareholder(s), will register the nomination and intimate shareholder(s) of registration of nomination.


2. I am holding shares in dematerialized form, how can I make nomination?

If shares are held in dematerialized form; request for nomination has to be lodged with the concerned DP directly, in the format prescribed by the DP.


3. Who can make nomination?

The nomination can be made only by individuals holding shares singly or jointly. Non-individuals including a society, body corporate, karta of Hindu Undivided Family and holder of Power of Attorney cannot make nomination.


4. What is the advantage of making nomination?

Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law or any testamentary disposition or otherwise, in respect of the shares, where a nomination has been made in accordance with the Companies Act, 1956, the nominee on the death of the shareholder(s) shall become entitled to the rights in the shares of the Company, in relation to such shares.


5. Can a minor be appointed as a nominee?

Yes. Nomination can be made in favour of a minor.


6. Does a Will by the shareholder override the nomination?

The Companies Act, 1956, provides that the nomination overrides a Will or any other testamentary law /instrument.


7. What is the effect of death of one of the joint holders on nomination?

The death of one of the joint holders does not rescind the nomination. Nominee will have title to the shares only on the death of all the joint holders.


8. What is the procedure for transmission of shares in favour of the nominee?

Upon death of the shareholder or of all the joint shareholders as the case may be, the nominee would be required to furnish the Certified true copy of death certificate of shareholder(s) and the original share certificate for the purposes of transmission of shares in his/ her name.

The RTA, on production of above documents and any further documents, if required, and on being satisfied about the identity of the nominee, will request the nominee elect either to register himself as holder of shares or to transfer the shares. The RTA on receipt of confirmation from the nominee will take the necessary action.