1. I have purchased shares of the Company in physical form. How do I register the same in my name?

After executing the share transfer deed in prescribed Form 7-B and affixing stamp duty thereon please forward the same to the RTA along with the original share certificate(s) and attested PAN card copy.


2. Is Permanent Account Number for transfer of shares in physical form mandatory?

SEBI vide its Circular dated May 20, 2009 has stated that for securities market transactions and off-market transactions involving transfer of shares in physical form of listed companies, it shall be mandatory for the transferee(s) to furnish copy of PAN card to the RTA for registration of such transfer of shares.


3. What is the stamp duty payable on transfer of shares?

As per the provisions of Indian Stamp Act, 1899, currently stamp duty is payable @ 0.25% of total consideration i.e. the market value of the shares as traded on the date of execution of transfer or the face value of shares, whichever is higher.

No stamp duty is payable in case of transfer of shares in dematerialized form.


4. What is the validity of the transfer deed?

In case of a listed company, the transfer deed is valid for a period of one year from the date of presentation to the prescribed authority or till the book closure date for the first time from the date of presentation to the prescribed authority, whichever is later.


5. The validity of transfer deed is expired, how can I revalidate the same?

In case the validity of transfer deed is expired, the holder may approach the Registrar of Companies for revalidation of the same.


6. How long does it take to transfer the shares?

The statutory time limit fixed for registration of transfer of shares is one month (15 days w.e.f. October 01, 2012) as per the Listing Agreement and two months as per the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 after receipt of the necessary documents.


7. I am holding shares in dematerialized mode, how can I transfer shares?

Shareholders holding shares in dematerialized mode are requested to submit a duly signed delivery instruction slip or such other document as may be required by the concerned DP for transfer the shares.